• Hara Desh
    Hari Prithvi
    Hara Desh
    Hari Prithvi

    Be Evergreen - Go Green

    An initiative taken up under the Vishalakshi Women Empowerment Project supporting a Plastic Free Planet and driven by children in 404 schools in 19 states of India.

  • Perfect SettingPerfect Setting

    For Deliberation, Contemplation and Collaboration.

  • TimelineTimeline

    From 2005 to 2014

  • Creating Waves of HarmonyCreating Waves of Harmony

    Women from 60 countries come together in a spirit of true celebration & meaningful discussion.
  • 52 Speakers from 23 countries52 Speakers from 23 countries

    Participated in discussions centred on diverse topics that kept the audience comprising of delegates from 60 countries, riveted and engaged.

  • Fashion with a VisionFashion with a Vision

    A fashion presentation showcasing 35 designer ensembles, celebrating the outstanding talent of budding designers along with the creations of the stalwarts of the fashion industry.
  • Highlighting Royal GrandeurHighlighting Royal Grandeur

    Depicting the Tradtitional Attire & Jewellery of the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka including Coorg, Bengal, Assam, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan & Gujarat.
  • AdvitiyaAdvitiya

    When the individual Self dissolves in the Cosmic Self - there is no two. They are but ONE and this entire creation exists, is sustained and dissolves in that one undivided, indivisible, supreme, pure, infinite consciousness - that is Shiva Shakti.
    The divine love story of Shiva and Shakti was very beautifully depicted in a scintillating dance drama "Advitiya - Know Two, No Two"
  • Supporting Girl Child EducationSupporting Girl Child Education

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Harmony: Evolution towards Perfection

February, 7 - 9, 2014, The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore, India

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What Speakers Say...

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"True leaders possess the gift to inspire others to subdue and control the animal within others and lift out the good and humane in them. Such leaders have the ability to give a nation the strength to reach unconquered heights"
"Our being here today is a very important symbol for all of us. We are here together and will move into the future together"
"Fashion is pure joy for everyone, whether it's the wearer or the manufacturer. Happiness is what one has to learn to become happy, and that is why religion, spirituality is very important because we are all seeking it at some point"
"We are in our own ways empowered - we are in our own ways representing different sections of the society; we have in our own ways crossed hurdles to reach where we are today"
"It is extremely essential for the women in that country to be educated, to be employed, to be treated as human beings, where every women is given a right to live her life with dignity, the right to live her life in peace and the right to live her life in such a fashion that she can encourage others to treat everyone as equals and to provide such opportunities to men and women alike"
"Cycles of nature are based on the cycles in the soil, between soil and plant, between plants and our bodies. The place where we can begin to restore the balance of the cycle of nature is in our daily eating"
"I have learned from these sessions and this conference is that we are much more alike than we a different. We may not speak the same language, we may not dress alike but we are much more alike than we are different"
"It is we here today in gatherings like this that will be agents of change; for the unborn child, for the legacy that we will leave for tomorrow"
"This is the position of women that we have the same abilities, we can solve problems good or bad as anybody else, but coming together here I encourage you that you do have the right to connect with the disconnected and that we as women also see this as our duty and as our challenge"
" We can use the media very effectively but the only way we can do so is with honesty, integrity and those ingredients are really important. What we really need to see is that you are making a difference and that you care"