• Dialogue with
    Sri Sri
    Dialogue with
    Sri Sri

    Dignitaries get ready to for the ‘Dialogue with Sri Sri’ session at the International Women’s Conference on April 5, 2015.

  • InaugurationInauguration

    Dignitaries light the ceremonial lamp to inaugurate the conference.

  • Traditional Balinese Dance PerformanceTraditional Balinese Dance Performance

    Traditional Balinese dance performed at the inauguration of the International Women's Conference.

  • Vishalakshi AwardVishalakshi Award

    Exemplary women from different fields in society being honoured for their work with the Vishalakshi Award instituted by the IWC.

  • TimelineTimeline

    From 2005 to 2014

  • Hara Desh
    Hari Prithvi
    Hara Desh
    Hari Prithvi

    Be Evergreen - Go Green

    An initiative taken up under the Vishalakshi Women Empowerment Project supporting a Plastic Free Planet and driven by children in 404 schools in 19 states of India.

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The Butterfly Effect - Everything Matters

5th and 6th April, 2015. Bali, Indonesia.

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What Speakers Say...

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"Synergizing and collaboration across all government sectors, communities, private sector as well as media are crucial to be able to realize gender equality and women empowerment, in national, regional and international levels. All of us here have a responsibility to change people's minds to become gender sensitive, for strong ethics and leadership."
"The only battles that someone can win without arms or soldiers are the battles run by women. We can conquer the world without our troops, because women naturally have special talents, charm and also can be very determined. All of you here are strong ladies around the globe and with your strength and influence you can change the world. "
"Education is the most effective vaccine against the deadliest diseases including HIV, AIDS, TB, Malaria and the like. It has also been observed that with every additional year of female education, child mortality reduces by 18 per thousand."
"A Leader must have loving soul! Without love war never stops, poverty continues and the environment is destroyed. Leadership without ethics is like a meal without salt. "
"The world is more diverse and even more connected than before. Our cultures are dynamic and prone to conflict. The world needs more feminine values like, openness, integrity, honesty, synergy, relationship building equality, sustainability and adaption, in their leaders of today. "
"Women are using the media effectively already! There are huge communities online to support women who are not ready to speak out openly about issues that bother them. Social media is exceptionally good at disrupting a movement but it does not help us with what next. That is what we should act on. "
"Time has come when we cannot treat any form of life as being lifeless and we most certainly do not have the right to subject animals to torture and pain for their entire life and then slau-ghter them in ways that are probably worse than anything that happened in any concentration camp. "
"The women's agenda of every country is not to be a championed by women alone, men must be involved at all levels of promoting the women's agenda. The women's agenda must be driven by us collectively. It must be central to the higher purpose of any organization. It cannot be just another objective that allows us to achieve the higher purpose of our organization. It has to be the very reason why we exist."