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    Dialogue with
    Sri Sri

    Dignitaries get ready to for the ‘Dialogue with Sri Sri’ session at the International Women’s Conference on April 5, 2015.

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    Dignitaries light the ceremonial lamp to inaugurate the conference.

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    Traditional Balinese dance performed at the inauguration of the International Women's Conference.

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    Exemplary women from different fields in society being honoured for their work with the Vishalakshi Award instituted by the IWC.

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    From 2005 to 2014

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    Hari Prithvi

    Be Evergreen - Go Green

    An initiative taken up under the Vishalakshi Women Empowerment Project supporting a Plastic Free Planet and driven by children in 404 schools in 19 states of India.

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The Butterfly Effect - Everything Matters

5th and 6th April, 2015. Bali, Indonesia.

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Ms. Anuradha Prasad
Managing Director of Bag Films Network

When I was young, in college, technology meant huge computers. The monitor would take up half of the desk, and they had huge servers. That was technology. Today we are all part of a digital world. The news channels, the news room that I work in and head is completely digital.
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Ms. Natasha Gangaramani
Director, Al Fara'a Properties, UAE

In the life of women today, when we have our homes to take care of when we have work and a career and all of this combines, we cannot move ahead without the technology of human values and human touch it has to be integrated. When it is integrated life is beautiful.
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Ms. Ranjini Manian
CEO, Global Adjustments Services Pvt Ltd, India

Women are going to be carrying the culture of the nation and of the family. So it is up to us to use technology to do exactly that job that we were set out to do.
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Prof. Maya Chakravarti Vishwanathan
Director, Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, India/Netherlands

Women are the networkers, the nurturers, we are the gatherers, the builders of communities and communicators. We women find it a safe place to evolve and come forth which again I must congratulate the organisers because they say it is getting back to your source.
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Ms. Shazia Ilmi
Media Strategist, Team Anna, India

When I look at my own inner journey as a Muslim woman, as someone who fought gender biases all her life I really thought tech helped in a huge way because it could get my point across, I could go out there and speak and be a cause in the matter. If you look at any art form, any form of communication, it's what you want to say and how you want to say it. So when we look at technology it is the 'how' of the matter.
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Ms. Cathie Burton
Spokesperson, Council of Europe, France, Strasbourg

We had a successful campaign against domestic violence, a big launch in Spain in the presence of the Spanish Prime Minister. We had parliamentarians working on it, but we also had social media. The result was that the Parliamentarians were persuaded by their people, the people who read it on social media, told them to change the law in this country, make it a crime to hurt women. The Council of Europe has just launched a convention against domestic violence that includes 47 countries.
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Ms. Bothaina Kamel
Television Anchor Activist and Politician & 1st Woman Presidential Candidate, Egypt

When I announced my presidential candidacy I made it through Twitter. I began my Twitter account before the revolution with 900 followers, now I have through Twitter, 100,000 followers, that's the power of social media. , All the traditional media closed their eyes against a young boy killed by the police via torture. However when we used the social media site like Facebook which promoted it that the whole world came to know about the case.
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Ms. Al Wajd Al Fayez
Filmmaker, Jordan

I represent the youth women leaders. About the social media in the Arab world, I'm very blessed to be surrounded with media. I chose to be a filmmaker for two reasons - film is a very powerful medium through which we can send powerful messages to the world; secondly, I wanted to change the perception of Middle Eastern women, who are viewed as oppressed who don't have a voice.
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Ms. Ravina Raj Kohli
Founder/Director, Jobcorp Company Pvt Ltd., India

Women are going to become and will always be the single most important influence in the way media is used or abused – we will set the trends, we will set the rules, we do not need the censorship, we understand the value systems and we will imbibe them into media and create the change that the world wants, whether its men, politics, religion etc. The soul of a woman is her strongest point and that is what social media uses best.
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Hon'ble Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury
State Minister for Women and Children Affairs, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, through the use of mobile phones, in the rural villages, at the grass-root level, health service is now being extended to the women and particularly to the pregnant women. It has contributed in improving the health condition of the women and bringing down the mortality rate in children.
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Hon'ble Lulama Xingwana
Minister for Women, Children and People with Disabilities, Republic of South Africa

We said that the women must also be trained to cut and polish the diamonds. We said to the American women that these are developmental diamonds not blood diamonds, because there is a woman out there who is able to feed her baby, who is able to take her child to school, who has been empowered.
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Ms. V. P. Rajini Reddy
Managing Director, Exemplarr Worldwide Limited, India

The IT industry is conducive to women as they have a flare for analytical work, they are good at multi tasking, the career offers flexi-time or part time opportunities, work from home in some locations/jobs. We have some differently abled people who are very good at the work once they are trained well.
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Ms. Mawahib Shaibani
Coordinator of UAE Women Empowerment Projects of Middle East & Iraq, UAE

Working as a banker in the Middle East, a male dominated area, I was very stressed. I didn't know how handle the stress and to switch off from the numbers. When I did the Art of Living course, I was able to connect to the inner-net and with that to be able to connect to everyone; I can uplift everyone and take them with me.
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Ms. Tatiana Suprunova
Director, The Art of Living, Russia

Technology is more important for women. It is very important to respond fast, to respond from your heart.
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Ms. Jolanda Holwerda
Director, Lof Media, Netherlands

What is ambition? Do you feel it's selfish to have a career and a family? Do you sometimes feel guilty because you want to have it all? You want a career and children. Many women have this feeling deep inside – am I allowed to go after my ambition and not feel guilty about my children.
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Ms. Tessy Thomas
Director, Agni Missile Project, India

You can use a matchstick for lighting a lamp in a darkroom which gives brightness, at the same this matchstick can be used for destruction. It is how we look at technology and how we utilize it.
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Ms. Beatriz Goyoaga
Coordinator for Spain and Latin America, The Art of Living Foundation, Argentina

I have no desire now; I know we are all in search of the same thing – love. Love has no dimension, it is within you, it is everywhere, in the water, the baby, and look into the eyes of the dog, how the dog barks and jumps on you, love is a substratum of life. Feel grateful for everything you have.
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Ms. Sucharita Eashwar
Executive Director, WEConnect International, India

We are living through a period of rapid and unpredictable change, we don't know if we'll be hit by another Tsunami or by another global recession, but we know for sure that we have the knowledge and capability to provide food, shelter and wellbeing for every human being on this planet. But why has this not happened? The reason is that Science and Spirituality are divorced from each other.
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Ms Rekha Pillai
Head Business Process Consulting& Outsourcing Unit
Sumeru Sotware Solutions

Everyone believes that if you want to make money, if you want to be successful, it has to be at the expense of others. In Sumeru, this is not the belief, we believe that I can make money, I can do well in life as an organization and I can also ensure that my client makes money, my employees make money and with the money the company makes we give back to society. It's not just about profits for us or the bonus cheque that you get, but making money so that you give something back to the society, to social development. So the whole vision and value of Sumeru is around this. It's so difficult to comprehend that a profit oriented organization can have a social vision, can have a spirituality blend-in with the vision to succeed in life.
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Venerable Master Moon
Museum of World Religions, Taiwan

Our body is actually very high tech system. It uses the six senses to perceive the outside world, but what is the connection between our body and the six senses? That's our mind, but where's the mind and what does it look life? So far, no scientific machine can find it. But I believe that we can find it through the spiritual practices.
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Bishop Dr. Barbara King
Founder/Minister, Hillside Chapel and Truth Center, Inc., USA

Women, you are the connecting link to the world, until you realise how important you are to this world, than there can be nothing else that can happen. Remember the omnipresence, one God, one life, one love, remember how you think because your thoughts and your feelings make the difference in your life. Remember how you demonstrate what you're doing, remember you have your own spiritual internet, whenever you reach out to somebody, reach out to love somebody, you're expressing your spiritual connection.
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Dr. Diana Beattie
Dean, Oman Medical College Muscat, Oman

We have to keep the human touch in Education. Teachers are definitely important to guide and stimulate their ideas and problem solving skills. When students tell me they had to think – I say yay! That's what we want you to be able to do!
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Ms. Bhagya Rangachar
Founder Executive, Director/Managing Trustee of Children's Lovecastles Trust(CLT)

What we did have was a father who was a teacher who connected with the outside world through books. We had a library of books from Tolstoy to Dostoevsky to Albert Tame. He imbibed this love for us to connect to the outside world and that spark to explore and experiment and to innovate. So with my own children too, if you don't have the spark, it doesn't matter what infrastructure you create around them, if those two don't connect… I think that's what tech was to me ..it was about the extension of that desire to do this.
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Mr. Shantanu Prakash
Founder & Managing Director Educomp Solutions India

We need to applaud success stories of women who have touched highs in technology oriented jobs. And there are ample examples of this going around. Everything is converging, so shouldn't women, technology and education converge? This according to me is the next big convergence and I would like to call it 'womanity'(humanity and women ) If we want, the quickest route to making the world a better place let us send more women to engineering and technology schools. I predict that in the next 10 years, more than 50 % of class of 2021 of IIT Mumbai, will be women, don't you agree with me?
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Mrs. Elisa Carter
Director, Erasmus MC, University Medical Centre, Netherlands

We need the dynamic interaction between the woman touch/intuition, for example, it you observe, there's incorrect breathing that hasn't yet registered on the monitor, you can make a decision or do something else, you cannot substitute those charts for the human interaction.
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Dr. Nisha Manikantan
Ayurvedic Doctor, Sir Sri Ayurveda Centre, India

When you are in deep meditation then you can go into your causal body and can also heal your body when in that space. So please do use this technology that is much more relevant in the world.
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Dr. Zahra Yousefi
Chiropractor, Washington, DC, USA

When we talk about the advance diagnostics in medicine and in saving lives….What is missing is the lack of human touch, when we talk about health.
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Ms. Pacita Juan
Social Entrepreneur, Green Advocate & Founder, Figaro Coffee, Philippines

A business can only be sustainable if it has the 3 legs to stand on – Financial profitability, brings social change and environmental responsibility.
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Ms. Emanuela Pallazani
CEO and Strategic Planner, T-IMMOBIL-l Italy

How does one encourage the use of eco-friendly technologies? 215 litres of water is consumed per day per person in Europe and 40% of this is consumed is for basin use. So, if we take a town with 250,000 inhabitants, it means nearly 1.5 million cube-metres saved just by using the right product. So this is the combination between the business and ecology.
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Dr.Hema Hari
Conceptualizer - Bharat Gyan

What is missing today is the integrating view which integrates tech and connects it with nature, ecology environment and the inner connect of ethos, the human touch, the character and quality of a human being. That is what is missing today which is what we have to learn from our ancients. They had an ethos of sustainability and an ethos of fertility for the land. So much as this civilization developed metallurgy and everything they also focused on agriculture. They had entrusted this fertility into the hands of women.
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Ms Sarika Nipunage
Architect- Sri Sri Sumeru Realty Pvt Ltd.

Basically, the science of Vastu aims at controlling these flows of energies. When a building is designed, it needs to be oriented in a particular manner and proper directions, so that it enhances the energies to make your life happier and prosperous. The rules of Vastu ensure that the house is in harmony with its surroundings as well as the universe.
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Ms. Maya Benkovich
Global Director, AstroVed, India

Over a time, I learnt astrology and I found out how amazingly scientific it is and how much the ancient Rishi's and Masters of India were so much more evolved. The modern human has lost that innate intelligence that the seers knew.
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Ms. Jaya Row
Founder Vedanta Vision

So friends for all this you need to use your intellect, for all of this you need self-management and this is not taught anywhere in the world. So when you go back, go with these few ideas, that 'more is not more, more is less', 'grab and you lose, give and you gain'. In relationships, 'attach means loose, detach and you gain'. Desire, 'chase after it, you lose, let go and you win!' And you will see how wonderful your life is.
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Before freedom, Iraqi women didnot have any rights in the Constitution or in society, but after 2003, after freedom, Iraqi women worked hard to have a right in the Constitution. Before 2005, women could not participate in conferences. But now, women play an active role in Kurdistan politics as well. Before independence, there was only one women's union in Iraq; now there are more than 48 NGOs for women. Family Lawhas now changed so that they support the women. About education, the women with the Kurdish Government, have a plan for gender education. In Europe and other places, they may have gender education, but in Middle East, it's very dangerous to talk about gender, but in the original Kurdistan there's now a good plan/development about gender. She wished they could have similar conferences in Iraq to build one family hand in hand.

Sound Bites
  • In the Original Kurdistan there's now a good plan/development about gender.
  • I wish we can have similar conference in Iraq to build one family hand in hand.

India has long been cherished as the 'Karma Bhumi' and we have had sages and seers who have travelled the length and breathe of our country. The wise words that have come from these learned sages and seers have been kept alive by the good work of great people like Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji himself.
Right through the ages, Indian women have always been given a high place of dignity and divinity. However, women in India live in a dichotomous situation – on the one hand, women are revered, on the other there is an assumption that she needs to be protected and sheltered.
Then there is discrimination at various levels– this is despite all the legislations in the country- Legislation that prevents people from identifying the gender of the foetus, legislation that says dowry must not be given nor be accepted, legislation that says that we provide protection from domestic violence, legislation that says that the girl child has equal rights on the property of the parents
So what should be the answer to this? The only answer is Education.
Times are changing and women are becoming empowered. There is a need to redefine what we mean by empowerment. Empowerment is how you balance your family life with your professional life, which many Indian women are doing today. It's probably this that makes Indian women proud in the global scenario today, because they have been trying their best to achieve this balance.
Today, technology is touching every aspect of life we need to ensure that the future generation is comfortable with the technology.To make rural women comfortable with technology, we have to do a lot more work at the ground level in bridging the gaps. Onealso needs to take technology to the women in small to medium enterprises who are actually the engines of growth for the country because they employ the largest number of people.

Sound Bites
  • The time is right to bring in the kind of education that would sensitise people in society against all the atrocities that the women are being faced with in India today.It should be that kind of education that gives the women the strength to stand up and say that this is my right and I need it and you need to give it to me.
  • There is discrimination at various levels– this is despite all the legislations in the country.
  • We have a self help group which is a silent revolution in our country, which is trying to empower women by providing them with micro-finance and trying to give them the confidence that they can do it, that they can go forward and stand on their own two feet.
  • We need technology in the rural areas for health and medicine, and connect them to the urban areas where they have the facilities.
  • In Agriculture Technology should appraise the woman on the climatic conditions, remedies for parasites, health of the soil, what kind of seeds, and after all this, what kind of prices will she get in the market.
  • Today, it's the right time to convert the ideas into a land of opportunities, by reaching out to every woman and child in the remotest area of our country.

What Speakers Say...

image image image image image image image image
"Synergizing and collaboration across all government sectors, communities, private sector as well as media are crucial to be able to realize gender equality and women empowerment, in national, regional and international levels. All of us here have a responsibility to change people's minds to become gender sensitive, for strong ethics and leadership."
"The only battles that someone can win without arms or soldiers are the battles run by women. We can conquer the world without our troops, because women naturally have special talents, charm and also can be very determined. All of you here are strong ladies around the globe and with your strength and influence you can change the world. "
"Education is the most effective vaccine against the deadliest diseases including HIV, AIDS, TB, Malaria and the like. It has also been observed that with every additional year of female education, child mortality reduces by 18 per thousand."
"A Leader must have loving soul! Without love war never stops, poverty continues and the environment is destroyed. Leadership without ethics is like a meal without salt. "
"The world is more diverse and even more connected than before. Our cultures are dynamic and prone to conflict. The world needs more feminine values like, openness, integrity, honesty, synergy, relationship building equality, sustainability and adaption, in their leaders of today. "
"Women are using the media effectively already! There are huge communities online to support women who are not ready to speak out openly about issues that bother them. Social media is exceptionally good at disrupting a movement but it does not help us with what next. That is what we should act on. "
"Time has come when we cannot treat any form of life as being lifeless and we most certainly do not have the right to subject animals to torture and pain for their entire life and then slau-ghter them in ways that are probably worse than anything that happened in any concentration camp. "
"The women's agenda of every country is not to be a championed by women alone, men must be involved at all levels of promoting the women's agenda. The women's agenda must be driven by us collectively. It must be central to the higher purpose of any organization. It cannot be just another objective that allows us to achieve the higher purpose of our organization. It has to be the very reason why we exist."