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Dear One,
When harmony prevails in the elements of creation, there is peace and happiness. Each one of us has a role to play in achieving this state of harmony. Only a lit lamp can light other lamps. In the same way, only a happy individual can spread happiness. Even if that individual is able to positively impact five others, it helps create a wave of peace and happiness. This has been the way through which the Art of Living has enabled a positive transformation in the lives of millions of people over the past three decades, with the vision of creating a violence-free, stress-free world.
As a further step in realizing this vision, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to the Sixth International Women’s Conference: “Harmony: Evolution towards Perfection.”
The challenges of our globalized world require innovative solutions to restore harmony, both at the societal and individual level.
The conference will seek to highlight approaches and qualities that help individuals maintain harmony in difficult and challenging circumstances.
In addition to intellectually stimulating conversations, the conference will also offer sessions that allow one to reflect and draw on the spiritual strength from within.Our innate potential can fully blossom through spirituality and empower us to contribute more effectively in our communities.
It is fortunate to be able to think of others and have the mind-set of considering “How can I be of help? How can I contribute to the betterment of society?” Such a mind-set is important in achieving harmony in society. When individuals only think of themselves, corruption and crime begin to take root in society.
Celebration is a part of every culture. The celebrative aspect indicates a mind that wants to share. Such an attitude is conducive for harmony. These two aspects of caring (for others) and sharing are the foundation for harmony. As women, these qualities are inherent in us. As women, we have the natural ability to unite diverse people in a family, and maintain the harmony. We have to extend this ability, expand our circle of influence and reach out to many more people who need our support. When we do this, the direct result is peace.
We are here to globalize wisdom and bring peace to every corner of this planet by nurturing harmony. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing with you in learning and celebration!

With Love and Warm Regards,
Bhanumathi Narasimhan

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