• vishalakshi-award

Awards 2007

Smt. Revathy Ramakrishna, for promoting traditional Indian art forms.
Mrs. Babloo Sen, for her contributions to Value Education.
Gayathri, for her contribution to music.
Mrs Geetha Venkatesh, for her timely services in the Tsunami-affected areas of Nagapattinam.
Ms. Radhika Rai, for empowering Women in rural Karnataka.
Ms. Reshma Ganesh, for outstanding contributions to value education.
Ms. Mohana, for her contribution in the field of Carnatic Music.
Ms. Richa Chopra, for her campaign against female foeticide.
Smt. Nanavati, as a mother who has encouraged all her daughters to serve humanity selflessly.
Mrs. Bharathy Harish, for reviving ancient Indian Culture.
Ms. Lata Usendi - Minister for Woman and Child Welfare, Chhattisgarh, India- for her contribution towards upliftment of Women.
Ms. Padma & Gayatri Srinivasan, for enthusiasm and entrepreneurship program titled ‘age no bar’.
Mrs. Akhila Srinivasan, for her excellence in entrepreneurship.
Mrs. Sharmila Morarka, for her commitment towards promoting rural arts and handicrafts.
Ms. Hema Sardesai, for her contribution to music.
Ms. Mawahib Shaibani, for her tireless work in the prisons of Iraq and Pakistan.