• vishalakshi-award

Awards 2012

Dr.Hiteshini Jugessur – for her outstanding commitment in promoting harmony at the grass-root levels in Sudan and Canada Dr. Preetha Reddy – for her achievements as on one of the pioneers in health care in India
Ms. Nirali Desai – for her work in creating a framework for community driven development through thousands of youth leaders in rural India Ms. Lakshmi Mirgh – for her efforts to bring the wisdom of yoga and meditation to the Middle East  
Ms. Kamlesh Barwal – for her outstanding achievement to bringing yoga to lives of thousands worldwide Ms. Uma Vishwanathan – for promoting youth leadership, human values and environmental awareness in Haiti
Ms. Edie Fraser –For her efforts to promote philanthropy and encouraging a giving nature through her talks in publications Ms. Katja Gregl – for being instrumental in spreading knowledge of yoga and meditation across East and Central Europe
Mr. Sameer Mehta – for his work on short films that convey the message of love, wisdom and service Tessy Thomas - for her achievements in the field of Technology
Ms. Romila Sen – for her contribution towards service and for being instrumental towards catalysing positive social transformation through the International Women’s Conference Mr & Mrs. Montu and Jaspreet Bassi – for enforcing human values in society through uplifting & humorous video productions
Ms. Dalit Laufer - for promoting the wisdom of yoga and meditation in Israel Ms. Salva Al Shaibani – for her women empowerment initiatives in the Middle East
Ms. Darshana Mathur – for creating the uplifting visual experience through graphic design Ms. Kala Algappan – for reinforcing human values and peace in the Naxal area of Jharkhand
Ms. Kavita Khanna – for her efforts in eradicating the dreaded disease of Kalahasar in India Ms. Namrita Gautier – for her commitment and enthusiasm towards service
Ms. Vasanti Iyer – for being instrumental for spreading spirituality throughout the Indian sub-continent Ms. Resha Patel – for her efforts in promoting the wisdom of yoga and meditation online
Judith Barnett: For her achievements as a Leader of Technology. Mr. Fred Lourador – for inspiring video production that supports the vision of globalising human values
Ms. Nilakshi Deka – for promoting human values, youth leadership and peace in remote tribal regions in North East India Ms. Meera Dutt– for integrating culture with the delicate stroke of the brush
Ms. Rashmi Paliwal – for consistent enthusiasm and dynamism in the attitude to serve Mr. Rajeev Nambiar – for promoting wisdom, yoga and meditation through the medium of print