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Conference 2017

8th International Women's Conference
- Bhanumathi Narasimhan - Chairperson IWC

With great pleasure we today announce our next conference which is entitled ‘Life a Mystical Journey’. This will be our Seventh International Conference and will be held from
February 2017.

I have always liked butterflies. We all like butterflies right? But usually they are associated with being colorful and frivolous. But in fact, butterflies are so light that they can fly high. They only go to the sweetness in life. They do not go to the garbage. Like these butterflies, we have to learn to reach out to positivity in life.

Only in a positive atmosphere we can make positive changes. Any social transformation can happen only with a sense of calmness and contentment. We have to be calm and collected and at the same time have a passion to work. This will allow us to conserve our energies and spend it for a good cause. Otherwise we will get worked up with problems, which of course will always be there.

Life is full of dualities. Positive and negative coexist. But we have to reach out to the positive. As Sri Sri always says, be a gunagrahi. That is the spiritual value, the spiritual depth that we have to nourish. Each one of us has this quality but knowing how to nourish this is very important. This can be achieved through such companionship, belongingness and of course through spiritual practices, meditation and attending to ones inner self.