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The 5th International Women’s Conference organized by the International Association for Human Values, Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth, the Art of Living and Vista India. The Conference entitled “Women and Technology” was attended by 500 participants from 55 countries and was webcast to over 50 countries and watched by thousands of people. The Conference saw women leaders from various ethnicities and countries, and from different spheres of life come together to discuss and share experiences and concerns on the subject.

The quest for knowledge has given birth to technology and we use technology to further this quest. Be it of material or spiritual dimensions, technology, through the ages, has been an unparalleled aid. We live in a world where technology is prevalent and relevant in virtually every area of our lives. As women, our lives have been redefined by the incredible technological developments taking place in our times. Whether we are pioneers or the end users; whether from the developed world or the developing world, our communications, social interactions and lifestyles have all been impacted.

In the words of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar; “Spirituality is the Technology of the Consciousness.” The Source of all technology and creativity is the human mind.

This inspired the delegates to develop ideas for empowerment of women focused on training in various state of the art technologies. Starting from the basic education level to a professional I.T level and more focused on training for rural women. How to manage the use and abuse of these new age technologies was also discussed.

The warm hospitality of the Conference fostered a strong bond among the participants. Commitment met celebrations as renowned International artists enthralled the audiences with performances showcasing world culture.

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Every piece of action we do today is powered by technology. But only 30% of women in India have access to technology.There is a huge disparity, a huge paradox – there's phenomenal advancement in technology in one hand, but on the other side, there's no good clean drinking water for many..
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It is a tremendous experience to be amongst such distinguished women from more than 55 countries around the globe, to share and discuss how technology can be an aid in ensuring the empowerment of women. The beauty of the theme is actually embedded in how to connect Spirituality and Technology and that is what one aspires to learn in this 3 day-long conference.
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She represents the women of South Africa but most importantly has come to India to learn from the country that is rich in history, rich in tradition and indigenous technologies that one needs to learn from..
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Mr. Shantanu Prakash runs an education company that works with about 15 million students across the world, mostly of them in India, and roughly about 8 million of them are young women who in 3-5 years will be ready to assume very important roles in society.
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In Egypt, the Egyptian youth made a revolution through an event in Facebook. She discovered the power of Facebook in 2008, when a friend, a journalist was arrested.They didn't have any access to the traditional media. So she organised an event for journalist, and an event on Facebook. Many journalists came, even the youth.
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About 4 years ago they ran in the Council of Europe a campaign to stop racism in football, The manager of the Arsenal football team, in London, is a lovely man called Arson Wenger who said in English, in French and in German and Alsatian, that football was a beautiful game and that there should be no racism and that he supported the Council of Europe campaign against racism.
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Spiritual Connection. is about how to find our mind. Our body is a very high tech system. It uses the six senses to perceive the outside world, but what is the connection between our body and the six senses? Its the mind, but where's the mind and what does it look for in life? So far, no scientific machine can find it.
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