Delegate Experiences

"Thank you so much and congratulations for the unique IWC organization and performance. The IWC network is an implementation of self confidence and awareness in support of personal development. I had the great chance to be a speaker in 2012 and being involved in a such challenge with fantastic women from all over the world , really changed my life. I do confirm my presence in 2016 and in the meantime I'll do my best to be a committed and reliable testimonial in Italyfor IWC"
Emanuela Palazzani
Past Speaker IWC T Immobli- Italy

"I feel that God has chosen me to be an Ambassador of peace and harmony in this grave conflict of 'Kashmir" and to raise my voice in front of the whole world through IWC Platform that at least all women of the world are against the genocide, battle and terror of the naive people. I congratulate the IWC team on behalf of Team Pakistan for conducting such a good show and wish ‘Art of Living’ the very best in its endeavors for spreading peace, harmony and light of hope in the world"
Asma Butt

"Thank you for your warm welcome and the hospitality extended during my recent visit to the Ashram. Congratulations to all of conference planners, conveners and facilitators – it was a significant and memorable event.The experience was life changing for me. I look forward to returning for a longer visit, possibly for the next IWC!"
Carla Dancy Smith, MSOD
Dancy | Smith, LLC, USA

"It was truly a wonderful event. We found the ambiance, food, organizing, performances and coordination to be spectacular. The way you integrated people from around the world to actually be a part of the events like the fashion show etc was also brilliant, thank you for integrating me and others!"
Aman Gohal

"It was an unique experience. I was really impressed with the high level of the speakers and the experiences shared by them were extremely enriching. When they changed the format of the talks and there was more debates, the experience was even better. I just have to thank for having this opportunity to participate in such a great event."
Valéria Gasparim

“Coming from Israel, the conference was an opportunity to meet other middle east women and join a creative initiative to pursue peace in the region. The conference organizers and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar encouraged such meeting by facilitating a special session for that purpose and inviting all middle east women to meet with him. I am now more confident women can join forces to bring peace!”
Shiri Milo Locker
Senior Manager in the Office of the State Comptroller, Israel