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The Sixth International Womens Conference – Media Highlights

The harmonious theme of the Sixth International Womens’ Conference titled ‘ Harmony: volution to Perfection’ resonated well with both the National and International media with us receiving more than 150 news reports covering the various aspects of the conference and its Chairperson. Whether it was the unique theme,the excellent and eminent panel of speakers or thought provoking sessions, the conference garnered a huge media response and interest from all kinds of mediums (Print, online, electronic and radio)

Some key highlights of the conference

The event garnered a huge pre-event response with major publications like the Times of India, Indiatoday.in, Amar Ujala,Hindustan, Prabhat Khabar carrying regular columns of Mrs. Bhanumathi Narasimhan.

The Chairperson’s insights into the world of women was captured at various international publications like the Huffingon Post, Gulf Daily, IndoIndians and various other such platforms.

The abuse of women is a disease that afflicts societies the world over. While the media has an important role in creating awareness of the incidents, it can also help steer the conversation around solutions. Often, focusing on the negative issues alone creates a vicious cycle of fear and anxiety. Instead, if we can focus more on human values and the role of spirituality in our lives, we could help create an atmosphere of friendliness and compassion. When we feel connected to those around us, we are more likely to take action to prevent injustice. Additionally, strict laws to punish the guilty have to be reinforced. Excerpt from the article ‘Restoring Human Values’ carried by The Huffington Post.

Education of the girl child – a cause that the conference supports was highlighted and captured well in various interviews carried by print and online publications.

Art of Living has been working to uplift women for over 30 years now. We have been giving them the right to education, and the freedom and confidence to be economically independent, while inspiring leadership among several rural youth.In fact, many of our women yuvacharyas (youth leaders) are now leaders in panchayat (local governments), MPs for women welfare and so on. We are also working for the right to live for women by educating our citizens against female feticide.

It is unfortunate that in a land where women are honoured as gods holding the portfolios of education, wealth and strength (Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga), we have to work to secure even basic rights like education and equal opportunity. Art of Living is working to change this through our diverse women empowerment initiatives and through our programs that inculcate the value of sacredness and honour for life beyond gender. Excerpt from Ms Bhanumathi Narasimhan’s interview on Sify.com

The Times of India – the leading news paper of the country featured the IWC 8 times in their esteemed publications. You can read some of the articles below scans shared)

In an interesting break away session media representatives from 4 countries came together in an offside session at the recent International Women's Conference in an endeavour to encourage positive, value-based journalism. Since media had the power to influence large numbers of people, the issues discussed were as to 'How media could celebrate good deeds and peace work rather than reporting solely on war and crimes?'-'How could media generate hope, happiness and foster human values ?'

On the esteemed Media Panel Session were Ms. Kathrine Aspaas, Journalist & Writer, Norway, Ms.Tanika Gray Valbrun, News Editor, CNN, Atlanta, USA; Sheikha Hend Faisal of UAE and Annika Dopping, TV producer, Sweden.

On the international front, the conference was very well received. We had journalists from Dubai and Bahrain who flew down to be a part and to coer the conference. We can read the conference through their eyes from the news report below

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