5th International Women's Conference – In the media

Is there a subtle link between technology and spirituality? If so, how does technology impact women in particular - and society in general? These and other questions, asked at the conference, were reflected in the media. Print, television and digital media captured several thought-provoking ideas through 68 news reports and features in six languages across nine states of India. We received heart-warming feedback from some of the readers before and after the event.

A few highlights of the coverage:

"Touching upon the debate on technology versus human relationships, Bhanumathi Narasimhan (Chairperson, International Women's Conference) said: "Technology has shrunk the world into a global village but are we really connecting or is it just an illusion? We need to move ahead with the human touch." This message was carried to the world by rediff .com, a popular Indian online electronic news site (among others).

Manu Dev from Speaking Tree shares in his piece: You could say it was a blockbuster event. The galaxy of women achievers included ministers, parliamentarians, business tycoons and spiritual leaders from 55 countries…The high-energy, all-women event charged the atmosphere with so much positivity that you could expect any seed sown here to turn into a robust tree that would not only bear fruit but also give shade and succor." quoted Lulama Xingwana, Minister for Women, Children and People with Disabilities, Republic of South Africa on India' role in the world. "This is a country rich in indigenous technologies that we all need to learn from. Empowering rural women, fighting rural poverty is the theme of the United Nations this year. 43% of Ministers in South Africa are Women. "

There was a large delegation from the UAE and the Conference was extensively covered in the Arabic and English media. Arabic newspapers like the Al Bayan and Al Ittihad along with English newspapers - Gulf News (a popular English daily in the Gulf) and Khaleej Times carried news of the conference on a daily basis. Interviews of the participants and of Mrs. Bhanumathi Narsimhan were carried on MBC Television (a popular Arabic TV network) and Radio 4 FM channel – most popular radio channel in UAE.

In Egypt, CMN Correspondent quoted Bothaina Kamel, a television anchor, human rights activist and the 1st woman to file for a nomination for Presidential candidacy in Egypt, who narrated that a journalist friend of hers was detained in 2008 and she shared how social media came to her friend's rescue. "I made an event through Facebook. It attracted a lot of people, majority of them youth, who were not just from Cairo." Once the movement gathered momentum on the social network, there was no stopping them and the journalist had to be released.

MSNShe profiled several ladies who have made a mark with their work.

Pacita Juan, a speaker at the conference and head of the Women's Business Council of the Philippines, shared her experience of staying at Conference venue on The therapists so love what they do for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar… As with some European volunteers I met who were portioning out food in the kitchen. They are all smiles and later I found out, they are "homestays" or volunteers who have stayed to serve in the Ashram, a service called "Seva."

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