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The IWC sponsored several educational scholarships:

  • Anushree’s father runs a make-shift roadside tea stall and earns barely enough to feed his family. She and her parents dreamt of a medical education for Anushree, but they lacked the requisite finances. IWC funds currently sponsor Anushree, who is on her way to becoming an Ayurvedic doctor and fulfilling her family’s dream.
  • Sowmya comes from an economically weaker background and the IWC scholarship provides for her doctorate degree in BAMS (Ayurveda). This sponsorship will continue till Sowmya finishes her doctorate.
  • Gautami, a young and vibrant girl whose background did not allow for an extended academic career, is now a recipient of IWC’s scholarship and is finishing her high school education.

The IWC series has been based on the strong foundation of spirituality and human values. Everyone associated with the conferences - the participants, the speakers, the beneficiaries of the service projects, volunteers and others - have had the opportunity of learning the benefits of powerful breathing techniques and attending a unique workshop that highlights human values. They have reported a significant improvement in their perception, observation and expression and in the ability to relax. The personal transformation provides participants with the creativity and enthusiasm to engage in effective collective action.

These conferences have also contributed, in a noteworthy way, in grooming young women into competent leaders. By giving a platform to serve and engage in action, the IWC has enabled these talented women to take up important leadership responsibilities to serve their societies and countries.