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Lighting the spirit of life

The 5th conference saw a convergence of talented women achievers who have made a mark in society. Each one, a success story: whether it is a triumphant balance of work and home duties; helping governments shape policies; or creating inroads in media, commerce, or art.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar often says: Only a lit candle can light others.

This spirit rang true in the conference, where all the participants committed themselves to reaching out to others in their communities and countries.

Supporting education

Sending more girl children to schools, creating teachers

Since inception in 2005, the conference proceeds have supported girl child education. Keeping up with the tradition, the 5th conference has pledged to support The Art of Living free education program. Currently running 175 schools, the organization aims to start 50 new schools across 50 new rural districts in India within the next two years and the conference will support this endeavor.

The Art of Living will also begin special training programs for rural women with the aim to make them teachers. This would fulfill the dual role of creating more teachers as well as creating employment opportunities for women.

Continuing to participate in the women empowerment initiatives of The Art of Living, the IWC team will inspire and support the Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) initiative of the organization to start computer centers for women in rural Karnataka

Peace Institute in the Middle-east

Middle East countries Breakaway Session

100 women from 14 countries of the Middle East participated in a break away session on the third day of the International Women's Conference. The gathering of women comprising ministers, parliamentarians, media professionals, judges, teachers, business women, homemakers and artistes committed to work together to spread the message of peace in the conflict torn region.

The group also established The Middle East Women’s Network that will create a platform for existing women peacemakers, develop national youth peace centers in Jordan and Afghanistan as well as foster social entrepreneurship amongst women.

Focus on rural progress

Creation of jobs for rural youth

A group of 80 women from various walks of life brainstormed on the issue of unemployed rural youth, expanding on Art of Living’s Youth Leadership Training Program. The group constructed a roadmap with a vision of developing rural areas by creating employment opportunities in villages. This entails:

  • Identifying natural resources unique to each village
  • Partnering with IT companies to give youth an exposure and technological aids