Dance Drama

When the individual Self dissolves in the Cosmic Self- there is no two. They are but ONE and this entire creation exists, is sustained and dissolves in that one undivided, indivisible, supreme, pure, infinite consciousness - that is Shiva Shakti.

The divine love story of Shiva & Shakti was very beautifully depicted in a scintillating dance drama “Advitiya- Know Two, No Two ” Choreographed and performed by Srividya Varchaswi along with Sunil and 90 dancers from our ashram dance troupe. The artists showcased different Indian traditional and contemporary dance forms like Kuchipudi, Manipuri,Kathak, Mohiniattam, Bharata Natyam and various Indian Folk styles.

The dance drama incorporated several teachings from Natya Shastra written by sage Bharata that enumerated all aspects of stage performance in great details.

Fashion with a Vision Presentation

An event of exquisite sequences which were showcased as:

The Maharanis - Expressing the Confluence of the Ancient and the Modern & depicting the grandeur of the traditional attire and jewellery of the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka,including Coorg, Bengal, Assam, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan & Gujarat

Indian Menswear - Men in Traditional Indian attire to accompany The Maharanis, Chakras - A sequence depicting the flow of energy through the Chakras and the journey towards creating harmony in mind, body and soul.

A spectacular range of ensembles by leading Fashion Designers were presented including Rina Dhaka, David Abraham, Anamika Khanna, Ritu Kumar, Monica Shah of Jade, Vineet Bahl, Malini Ramani, Abha Dalmiya, Namrata Joshipura & Rahul Mishra from India as well as Marina Spadafora from Italy.

The Fashion Presentation also celebrated the outstanding talent of budding designers from the Art of Living Family and their beautifully crafted ensembles were also presented alongside the creations of the stalwarts of the fashion industry. All the collections were created with Organic fabrics and eco- friendly resources to maintain the harmony with The Nature. In total 35 designer ensembles were presented in the show which were later auctioned and the proceeds were forwarded to the "Gift a Smile Project" supporting over 38,000 children in 404 schools across 19 states of India.

Concerts by Hema Sardesai & Rita Jahan Foruz

The last day of the conference saw a musical evening by two international singing sensations; Hema Sardesai, Indian playback singer also known as Goa's nightingale and Rita Jahan Foruz, Israeli pop singer and actress. The two beautiful women carved the magic of their voices in the hearts of the audience and left them spellbound.

Hema performed non stop mixing both Indian Classical and Western pop. In her magnetic and versatile voice, she sung in different langauges including English, Hindi and Goan.The old hit Dama Dam Mast Kalandar encouraged the audience to dance with her.

The evening concluded with Rita's melodic and meditative performance. As she came on the stage, Rita was an instant hit. She enthralled the audience with her mellifluous and mesmerising voice when she sung few lines of an old Hindi Song, "Dost Dost Na Raha".