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Day 1

Smt. Meira Kumar
Hon’ble Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, India

As we enter the new millennium we must remember the women who gave up everything to join the freedom struggle. They were the country’s drama of change.


Smt. Sheila Dikshit
Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi

Our quest now is not just to be educated, not just to have good health, which is extremely important for the large number of women who are today not getting that, but we need to get to the top echelons of decision making.


Her Highness Susan Al Said
Sultanate of Oman

I am very blessed that I was invited to this conference and want to thank Guruji for making this international conference possible we also have empowerment of women and various women ministers in Sultanate of Oman, and the future looks very bright.


Dr. Raja Khuzai
Interim National Council, Governing Iraq (INC), Iraq

While speaking of the first elections in Iraq in 50 years:“I believe women always work for peace, and by going first(to the voting booths) they encouraged men to vote.


Justice Manjula Chellar
High Court of Karnataka

Speaking about boosting the morale of rural women in India:,“I am sure, if all of us unite and make resolutions, we will be able to wipe the tears from our downtrodden and unfortunate sisters.


Ms. Njoki Ndungu
Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Kenya

Much of women’s disempowerment, poverty and misery, is because they have no control and are out of power. It is time for women to demand, to take back part of the power.


Dr. (Mrs.) Jutta Stefan-Bastl
H. E. The Ambassador for Austria

I am woman and no one can push me aside. This is something that I had to learn and I did. And the earlier you learn it and you give it to your small girls, that she is as important as your boy, I think this would make a difference to us.


Nasira Javed Iqbal
Justice (Retd), Pakistan

The biggest reason for conflict in our society is rampant intolerance. We as mothers can inculcate the spirit of tolerance in our children, and emphasize the common values shared by humanity rather than our differences.


Reverend Motlalepula Chabaku
Hon’ble Member of Parliament, South Africa

We have outstanding women doing marvelous work in all religions. We must begin to see them, not just in the home, but in the public place.


Ms. Zanele Hlatshwayo
Hon’ble Deputy Mayor, Msunduzi, South Africa

For those women who have experienced freedom, don’t take it for granted. There are many other women all over the world whom we need to empower.


Mrs. Joyce Oneko
Executive Director, Mama Na Dada, Kenya

I would like all women to know that we are the moving force behind everything but we must also give back. We should nor forget the people who are struggling, especially the women in rural villages.


Smt. Akhila Srinivasan
Managing Director, Shriram Investments, India

Personal spirituality should culminate into social responsibility, only then it becomes meaningful. Let us all unite together today in our endeavour to improve the lot of our women folk.


Ms. Paxina Kalulu
Management Consultant, Zimbabwe

We tend to think that the world owes us, and yes, I believe it does. However, how will the outside environment or another person value us if we do not value ourselves first? In other words, it really begins with us.


Ms. Patricia De Lille
Hon’ble Member of Parliament,
Leader of the Independent Democrats,South Africa

We need to deal with fear. Women fear too much-we fear our husbands, our bosses, the government…yet there is no need to fear. If you speak the truth,you need not fear anyone.


Mrs. Rajni Sekhri Sibal
Indian Administrative Service officer, India

Sharing her experience of visiting the village for the first time: The first thing which hit me was the difference between what i had seen for the first two decades of my life and what was there for me to work for. It was then that I developed a purpose.


Ms. Ruth Ostrow
Journalist and Author, Australia

It is the essence femininity to rise up against injustice to question, to unravel, to seek the truth and to rattle the cage.


Ms. Malavika Sangghvi
Editor of Sunday Review, India

One thing we can do right here, right now: is that whenever we see something which in someway trivializes women, we will stand up for it in whatever little way we can.