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Day 1

Toeti Adhitama
Member of Editorial Council Media Group, Indonesia

I think women should educate themselves well so that we can feel self confident and beautiful.



Poonam Dhillon
Actor, India

It's the inner peace and happiness that we all look for. Ultimately that is what that shows on our faces, that serene and happy look. Peace of mind is the ultimate beauty that a woman can ever ask for.


Usha Uthup
Indian Pop and Film Playback Singer

Actually it's loving, caring, sharing, being honest, and no artificiality that has helped me along the way. Every woman here will agree that beauty comes from within you.


Song Chen
Film Maker

What are we going to do for our sisters, who are suffering, so that they have a good life?


Puja Handa
Faculty, Art of Living, UK

Inner beauty means being happy in spite of what you go through. When you are in touch with your spirit, when you are practicing these techniques, you can actually see what is needed at that moment in time.


Ami Patel
Fashion Director, L'Officiel

Fashion is about beauty, harmony, balance and value on the outside and spirituality is about having all these inside of you.